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Shipyard Russia.
Shipyard Sevastopol. Vessel repairs.


 Our engineering company provides the repair services in Sevastopol, Russia for all types of vessels. We have modern equipment and highly educated specialists that will provide you the best repair offer in the region.
Our rented dry and floating docks are capable to operate vessels with a LOA of 260,0m.

We offer the following 24-hour services, 7 days a week:

  1.  Audio gauging
  2.  Boiler repairs or complete refurbishing
  3.  Carpentry works
  4.  Coating applications
  5.  Conversions 
  6.  Damage surveys and repair
  7.  Engines repairs
  8.  Diving & underwater inspections and repairs
  9.  Drydocking 
  10.  Electrical repairs AC or DC
  11.  Electronic and navigation repairs
  12.  Insulation 
  13.  Locating & purchasing of specialty items
  14.  Motor rewind, repair or replacement
  15.  Propeller and shaft service
  16.  Pump repair or replacement
  17.  Refractory replacement
  18.  Sewage systems
  19.  Steel fabrication & replacement
  20.  Tank cleaning
  21.  Traveling repairs
  22.  Valve rebuilding & repair
  23.  Water blasting
  24.  Welding 
  25.  etc
 shafts repairs in Sevastopol workshop    hull painting in Sevastopol dry dock

 ship repairs in Sevastopol floating dock 

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