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Orders for spring and summer 2011

 Our company accepts new orders for Spring/Summer 2011.

Approximate time calculations to build and deliver a new  marine fuel station or river fuel station:

- contract  issues 1-2 months;

- building 2-6 month (depending on the  type of the station);

- shipping 1- 3 month (depending on the shipping destination);

- assembling not more than 1 month.

Total is 4 - 12 months.

marine fuel station pr. 50430 P.1
(The Black Sea, Balaklava town, Ukraine)

river fuel station pr. 50430 P
(Angara river, Irkutsk city, Russia)

river fuel station pr. 50430
(Moscow river, Moscow, Russia)

To order the river fuel stations or marine fuel stations, pls,  contact as follows:

cell: +38 050 521 86 16

e-mail: and


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